Saturday, February 10, 2018

show 25

Vampiras Veganas

Vegan vampires occupy the smallest gallery in the world Vitrine 7 * Galeria das Artes, edifício Veneza in São Paulo with both, live presentations and diy products for sale. V - V is a multimedia experience that exists as a band without fixed members and as a brand of several independent producers. The exhibition counts on some products created in the Vegan Vampire workshops that usually take place on Fridays at FabLab Centro Cultural São Paulo - CCSP. The bill has a sound glass made with a piezo-electric disk, which contains magical crystals that transform vibrations into electricity, which turns to sound again. A made-up soundboard or mixer that receives and mixes various musical instruments and distributes them between the speakers, made with a blender. A photosensitive glove that generates sounds according to the brightness of the environment and its own position, and a bricklayer helmet that is a sound sequencer. In addition to t-shirts, belts printed in 3d, stickers, magnets, posters, and other things in production that will be added to the living showcase.

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